Tell your elected officials: We need all politicians to pledge that they will support helping the vape industry by stopping the overburdening PMTA!

Please watch this short video about what “I Vape I Voted” means.

We encourage all vapers to only support politicians in 2020 who support our right to have access to flavored vapor products and a stop to the overburdening PMTA regulations. Send the message that by not supporting our rights, we will not support them, no matter if they are Republican or Democrat.

Government, both federal and state, should not make quitting smoking with flavored vapor products illegal. Flavor bans are not logical or supported by science. PMTA regulations if left as proposed will destroy many small businesses due to the egregious costs involved. Making it where only big tobacco will be able to afford it essentially forcing over 13 million people back to smoking cigarettes The government overreach needs to stop NOW!

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Don't Let Trump And Other Politicians Forget

Don’t let Trump and other politicians forget They swore to protect small businesses and cut regulations. Over 166,000 jobs will be lost if he doesn’t do something to stop it. Over 1300 people die every day from smoking. Tell him if he doesn’t do something he will be sentencing 13 million vapers to death by forcing many to go back to smoking.

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Send the following message:

Dear President Trump and ALL OTHER Federal and State elected officials:

I respectfully request that you pay attention to the science and not the sensationalized headlines created by the fake news media. Flavor bans and business destroying PMTA regulations will create a black-market vapor industry that will be harmful to public health. I, [your-name] in zip code [your-zip-code], pledge whether you’re Republican or Democrat, if you do not support the vape industry then I will not support you.

There is millions of adult vapers that are also VOTERS! This number is growing everyday, with over 1300 people dying daily from tobacco cigarettes any attempts to ban or over regulate vaping will kill the vape industry. Essentially sentencing us back to a death by cigarettes. With so many politicians following main stream talking points and accepting money to lobby for the bans of flavors and PMTA regulations so expensive that small vape shops cant afford stay open. You have the chance to stand out and earn my vote. But most importantly you have the chance to save and further improve my life!

Mr. Trump, please don’t forget you promised to cut regulations and help small businesses grow, this is the exact opposite. Flavor bans and FDA’s PMTA process is a small business killer and we won’t stand for it.

We are over 13 million strong and no candidate can win the 2020 election without our vote. Support vape and you will have our vote.

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Download The Pledge

Store owners and vape advocates can download the pledge to hand out or post in your store

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